About us

We are an utility company, whose major business is the transmission of electric power, being one of the four pure transporters in Colombia. It is a joint venture involving the Colombian government by 18% through the Treasury Ministry.
It is currently certified under the international standard ISO 9001:2000 for its Quality Management System.

This company was established on April 17th, 1998 and then linked as a private company to the Ministry of Mines and Energy under Law 143 of 1994 and under the supervision and control of the Superintendence of Public Services (Article 75 Law 142 of 1994). It has a transmission network of 230 kV that enables to interconnect our clients, no matter if they are generators, distributors, dealers or other transporters.

Among its assets, the company has a 230 kilovolt substation, called Tasajero, which is an infrastructure that is currently used to provide the service of connection to the Termotasajero Central to 155 MW, by means of a contract of connection with a covenant of 99.45% availability.

MISSION:We provide our services in a reliable and safe way, with high standards of humane and technical quality by using available resources in a cost-effective and convenient manner for the country, with criteria based on sustainable development, responsible integration to the community, giving the greatest benefits to our shareholders and customers.

VISION: To be pioneers in the interconnection of high voltage electrical systems with a view on globalization and integration of Energy Market in Latin America.

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