Our business

Our company develops in a reliable, safe, and efficient way and with humane qualities, the following services:

  • Transportation of electric energy.
  • Management, maintenance and operation of lines and high tension substations.
  • To coordinate, monitor and supervise the operation of our assets (substation and lines) that are part of the National Interconnected System.
  • To provide to the agents of the wholesale energy market the service of connection to the National and International Transmission System.
  • Structuring and construction of substations and electric transmission lines.
  • Operate, maintain and exploit transmission assets.
  • Advise our clients on issues related to electric regulations.
  • Participate in the expansion plans of transmitting electric energy both nationally and internationally.
  • Provide technical services in activities related to our business and assets.
  • Technical, economic and financial structuring of projects not only in the energy sector, but also of infrastructure in general.