Accomplished Projects

Termobarrancas Project:
Technical, economic and financial structuring of the transmission aspect of the project of generation Termobarrancas (300 MW / 230kV), in the State of Barinas, Venezuela.
As part of the project, our branch in Venezuela, Interveza, developed the connection of four units of 80 MW of total generation, Electrical Substation SIPORORO.
Duration: Record time 200 days. Cost: $ 2.8 million under the EPC mode.
Additionally, the operation and maintenance of these assets are performed for 24 months.

Participation in Calls UPME:
The present project deals capacitive compensation at 115 kV in Bogota and Cucuta (UPME 03 and 04, 2003) Technical Structuring - financial, whose investment amounted to the sum of four million dollars.

Participation in the auction of Ecopetrol:
For the Connection of the Refinery Mamonal to SIN (Interconnected National System) and AOM for 10 years, which included technical and financial structuring. The cost of the project was 12 billion pesos.

Connection of Termoserafín to SIN:
Technical and economic studies were carried out for the Connection of the Central de Generación Termoserafín to gas with an installed capacity of 20 MW, by means of a substation 13,8/34,5 kV and distribution lines

Project Cabrutica:
For invitation of CADAFE and through our branch in Venezuela INTERVEZA and in consortium with other local firms, a proposal for the construction of three substations and the lines associated to the project of generation of 300 MV, was presented in the state of Anzoategui.

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